Top Board and Care homes in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley

 Top Board and Care homes in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley

Board and care homes, often hidden gems in the world of Los Angeles senior living, offer a personalized care solution for our clients and their families who are seeking a more intimate alternative to larger assisted living buildings. Licensed to care for 6 residents at a time allows for a higher level of attention and care.

Watch this video to hear Assisted Living Locators Owner Sarah Ordover explain the difference between a board & care home and assisted living community. 

How to Evaluate a Board & Care Home

With over 2,000 options in greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley alone it’s important to understand how to evaluate a board & care home for your loved one.

The first thing the team at Assisted Living Locators examines are the Department of Social Services records for each board and care facility we recommend. We carefully analyze inspection reports, licensing status, and any citations or complaints to ensure regulatory compliance and assess the overall quality of care. This process helps us recommend trusted facilities to our clients.

We’ll also look at the background and track record of the operators - Do they manage more than one home? Have they worked with seniors or in healthcare before? And perhaps most importantly, do they offer great value for the money? All of these questions must be considered to gauge whether a home is the right fit for you or your loved ones.

Our team’s favorite homes in The Valley

A board and care owner who manages multiple houses demonstrates their capacity to streamline processes, uphold consistent standards of care, and provide residents with a broader range of options across multiple locations.

Shalom Elderly is a perfect example of an owner deeply involved in managing several homes in the Woodland Hills area. Dina Vetchtein brings 25-years of experience, and pours her heart into ensuring that every home provides top-notch care. It's her dedication that keeps things running smoothly and maintains consistent standards across all of Shalom Elderly's residences.

Additionally, board and care operators who are nurses, doctors, or other healthcare professionals bring valuable expertise to the table. While it's not mandatory for board and care operators to have a healthcare background, opting for a home run by professionals offers numerous advantages.

Take Be Well Senior Living in Sherman Oaks, for instance; the owner, Russ Melnik, is an Occupational Therapist. When Russ evaluates a potential resident at move-in, he can promptly gauge the residents basic physical care needs and recommend exercises for mobility improvements.

We also work to ensure our clients are getting the best value for their money. Hidden gem Eternal Life, nestled in the suburban San Fernando community Panorama City, is just steps away from a Kaiser hospital. This facility provides both private and shared rooms at an affordable rate, offering all-inclusive care to residents. What makes Eternal Life stand out even more is its spotless Department of Health records and management by two nurses Olga & Vicky, making it an incredible deal.

Board & Care home owners who are deeply involved significantly contribute to fostering a nurturing environment in the home. Their hands-on approach fosters community and strengthens relationships with families, effectively addressing individual care needs and enhancing residents' overall well-being.

At Assisted Living Locators, we consider various factors to determine what makes a board and care home truly stand out. 

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