Skilled Nursing or Nursing Homes

Skilled Nursing

The key difference between skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes is the required medical attention and the length of stay. A skilled nursing facility is usually used following a short hospital stay when the patient requires specific medical services to fully recover. They have specialized staff such as speech-language pathologists, rehabilitation specialists, and audiologists who are not typically staffed in a nursing home. Following a short skilled nursing rehabilitation stay, a patient assessment will be done to decide if the patient is able to return home.

Nursing Homes

A nursing home, on the other hand, provides permanent custodial care—not medical care. These locations offer certified health professionals, meal preparation, and assistance with non-medical, everyday living tasks such as bathing, grooming, bathroom use, medication monitoring, and more. Nursing homes offer 24-hour care as well as room and board. Many nursing homes also have special wings for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

How much do nursing homes cost?

Short-term skilled nursing is generally covered by Medicare or an individual’s private insurance. Long-term care is also predominantly covered by Medicaid. The national average cost for nursing homes is $6,844 per month for a semi-private room.

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