Board and Care Homes

Board and Care Homes

Board & care homes (B&C) offer the same types of services as the larger communities, but service is provided in a small residential setting. The intimate setting afforded by board and care homes allows for closer oversight of residents and is accompanied by a higher staff to resident ratio. They share the same Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) license as the big buildings. Both are regulated and monitored by the California Department of Social Services.

In California, board and care homes operate in residential neighborhoods and generally have a limit of six residents. Some operators convert existing houses into B&C homes. Others are purpose built. Driving down the street, you probably would not know that a house is operating as a board and care provider.From the outside, the home looks just like any other on the street, except of course, for the ADA compliant entrances and walkways.

Board and care homes range from three to six bedrooms offering both private and shared rooms. Not all houses have private bathrooms.Rooms with private baths can be more expensive and often depend on whether the house was purpose-built or a retrofit of an existing structure.

The benefit of a B&C is the small size and higher staff ratio. In Los Angeles, the good homes have at least two caregivers for every six residents. A more fragile resident or one needing close 24-hour supervision benefits from this type of environment since it provides the closest thing to having a private caregiver without the cost.

Houses have different arrangements for staffing. There seems to be an equal split of B&C homes with on-site live-in caregivers and those that have caregivers working in shifts. In a few instances, the owners of the home live on premises and have designated certain rooms for the care of residents, perhaps using the downstairs for the residents and maintaining their own quarters on the second floor.

Who Should Live at a Board and Care?

Board and Care homes are most appropriate for residents needing a lot of hands-on physical care or those who do not benefit from the dining rooms, movie theaters and activities of larger communities. In the Los Angeles area, the majority of B&C’s cater to residents with mid to late stage dementia and conditions that make the individual no longer able to ambulate.

How Much do Board & Care Homes Cost?

Board & care homes may be slightly less expensive than the larger communities. Whereas the large properties charge a base rate plus a separate rate for care, board and care pricing is all-inclusive. Prices may be as low as$2500/month for a shared room in the San Fernando Valley to $8000/month for a private room with private bath in the Westwood area.

There are over 2000 board and care homes in the Greater Los Angeles area. Knowing which ones are good, providing a safe and healthy environment with caring attendants is key. Don’t try to figure it out alone. Your friends at Assisted Living Locators can help you find the best place for your particular situation.