5 Best LA Communities for Early to Mid-Stage Memory Loss Care

5 Best LA Communities for Early to Mid-Stage Memory Loss Care

Individuals in the early to mid-stages of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia often benefit significantly from transitioning to an assisted living or memory care facility.  The social engagement and brain-healthy lifestyles can slow down the advance of the disease and allow for many years of fulfilling living. However, this transition can be emotionally challenging for both the person affected and their loved ones.

Key symptoms during these stages include:

  • Memory Loss: Disruption of daily life due to memory impairment.
  • Cognitive Challenges: Difficulties in problem-solving, planning, and sequencing.
  • Functional Impairment: Struggles with completing everyday tasks.
  • Temporal and Spatial Confusion: Confusion about time and place.
  • Word Retrieval Issues: Difficulty finding the right words.
  • Misplacement and Disorientation: Losing items and being unable to retrace steps.
  • Judgment Changes: Decreased or poor decision-making abilities.
  • Social Withdrawal: Reduced engagement in work or social activities.
  • Mood and Personality Shifts: Changes in emotional well-being and behavior.

In Los Angeles, five excellent memory care communities offer specialized programming and support tailored to address these challenges. By participating in engaging activities and connecting with others facing similar experiences, residents can potentially slow the disease’s progression.

However, during these early stages, individuals with Alzheimer’s may insist on retaining decision-making capacity. They might not fully grasp the benefits of moving to a community with supportive activities. Families, too, may struggle with the guilt of transitioning their loved one out of their home. It's unfortunate because it is during the early to mid-stages of dementia that a person with the disease can obtain the most benefit.

Specialized Assisted Living Programs

Let’s explore two specialized assisted living programs in Los Angeles:

Belmont Village Senior Living - Circle of Friends Program:

An eating area for Belmont Village Senior Living - Circle of Friends Program

  • Locations: Hollywood, Encino, Rancho Palos Verdes, Westwood, Burbank, Calabasas, and Thousand Oaks.
  • The Circle of Friends program caters to residents who have experienced cognitive changes but do not require a secured memory care environment.
  • Residents live in assisted living residences while actively participating in a structured day of therapeutic activities.
  • Goals are attainable, and activities are conducted in small group settings, fostering involvement, function, confidence, and overall well-being.

The Variel in Woodland Hills - Mezzanine Level:

Outside view of The Variel in Woodland Hills - Mezzanine Level

  • The Mezzanine offers an intermediate level of specialized care for those experiencing early- to mid-stage memory loss in an assisted living environment.
  • It provides assistance and memory support beyond what is available at home but is not as comprehensive as full-service memory care.
  • Residents maintain as much independence as possible while receiving necessary support.
  • Innovative programs focus on keeping residents active, interested, and engaged.

Both programs recognize the importance of preserving relationships. Couples can stay together in the same apartment, enjoying activities and amenities side by side. Additionally, these initiatives aim to reduce the stigma associated with moving to memory care by creating a supportive assisted living environment.

High-Functioning “Neighborhood” within All Memory Care Communities

In the San Fernando Valley, two value-priced memory care communities have established specialized “assisted living” neighborhoods tailored specifically for individuals in the early to mid-stages of memory loss. Let’s explore these innovative programs:

Pacifica Senior Living in Northridge:

Front entrance with double staircase and greenery outside at Pacifica Senior Living in Northridge in Los Angeles

  • Pacifica offers a unique dementia waiver for the entire building.
  • The main assisted living section caters to high-functioning seniors with dementia who require more guidance than typical assisted living provides.
  • Importantly, residents do not need to live in a separate memory care wing, allowing them to remain integrated within the community.

Avantgarde Senior Living in Tarzana:

Front entrance to Avantgarde Senior Living in Tarzana in Los Angeles

  • Located next to Tarzana Medical Center, Avantgarde is an all-memory care facility.
  • The primary living area is thoughtfully designed for individuals with early to mid-stage dementia.
  • A separate secured wing is dedicated to those who have progressed further in the disease.

Silverado Beverly Place in Mid-City:

Additionally, Silverado Beverly Place in Mid-City stands out for its impressive early-stage memory program. Their third-floor initiative, aptly named “The Loft,” fosters an active, brain-healthy lifestyle for individuals navigating the initial phases of dementia.

Research consistently shows that social engagement, physical activity, and mental stimulation positively impact disease progression. By taking proactive steps during the early stages of decline, you can ensure that your loved ones continue to lead meaningful lives, even as memory challenges arise.

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