Los Angeles Assisted Living Costs

Los Angeles Assisted Living Costs

The cost of LA assisted living varies greatly depending on location, facility size and amenities. To understand pricing, you first need to understand the two different types of assisted livings available in California - Communities and Board and Care Homes. They are licensed exactly the same but operate very differently.

Assisted living communities like Sunrise Senior Living, Brookdale, Belmont Village and others are like hotels with caregivers on site. There is base rent, which generally can run anywhere from $2,900 to $13,000/month depending on unit size and then there is the cost of care, which varies depending on need. The base rent covers the apartment, utilities, housekeeping, meals, activities, transportation, and 24 hour onsite monitoring..things everyone uses.

Care is a separate charge that varies from resident to resident depending on need.. One resident may only require medication management, while another might need full care for things such as incontinence or transferring in and out of a wheelchair.

Board and Care homes are six bed houses in residential neighborhoods that generally cater to those with high physical needs or those with memory impairment -- people who would not benefit from the dining rooms, movie theaters, and other amenities of the big properties. Most good B&C's have two caregivers for the six residents, providing a very high level of care. The cost for these ranges from about $3,000 to $9,000/month which includes care.

Whether a board and care home or a full service assisted living, location has the biggest impact on cost, mirroring Los Angeles real estate rates as a whole. Properties at the beach or in Beverly Hills will be more expensive than those further north in the San Fernando Valley.

When you work with me directly, I will explain the rates of various options to you and provide you with the most up-to-date information about care, services and more. My goal is to save you time and money so that you can dedicate yourself to other parts of this complicated process.

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