Los Angeles Assisted Living - Decorating with Style

Los Angeles Assisted Living - Decorating with Style

It is surprising how many people don't realize that you bring your own furniture to your new independent, assisted or memory care home.  These are your own personal spaces - whether it be a private studio in a low-cost assisted living facility or a two-bedroom in one of Los Angeles' luxury senior living communities. Many clients that I tour with still have the old-fashioned notion of a nursing home in their minds so don't consider decorating. Los Angeles senior living is not your grandmother's "old-age home."

Whether your loved one is moving into a studio or a larger unit, making them feel at home is important. Transitioning from a house or apartment that may have been home for decades is difficult. Easing the transition for your loved one by bringing items that are meaningful helps to make the change just a tad easier. 

It's also a way to engage your loved one in the process if they are able. I've seen a lot of my ladies get excited about decorating again - picking out a paint color, maybe buying some accent lamps on Wayfair, looking at the floor plan, and choosing some treasures to bring. 

I do hundreds of tours each year and frequently get to visit resident apartments.  It's one of the best things about my job.  I get to see how my fellow Los Angelenos have created new homes for themselves, turning even small spaces into jewel boxes that reflect their life and personal style.

Admittedly, the independent and assisted living apartments featured below are on the upscale side. But, easily, a person can take the same decorating ideas and implement them in a less expensive manner. Here are some tips on how to dress up your new senior living apartment:

Assisted Living Studio - Dress Up The Bed

This studio apartment at The Watermark of Beverly Hills is comfortable and functional. The floors are free of clutter and there is ample space to move even with a walker. The bed is dressed with a nice comforter and matching bed accessories. There is a reclining chair with a good reading lamp next to it, as well as a functional side table that holds tissue, the television remote and some reading material.  The television is just outside of the picture frame, to the right. It can be viewed from both the chair and the bed.

Independent Living One Bedroom - Use Color

This is one of my favorite apartments, a one-bedroom at Kingsley Manor in Hollywood. Kingsley is a non-profit and is moderately priced. The buildings on this four-acre campus are vintage, which really appeals to my taste sensibility. Besides the details in this apartment, the resident obviously brought things she loved from home, the color makes a huge difference. Imagine the walls white. It would not have the same impact. An increasing number of Los Angeles senior living communities will let you paint your apartment. At most that allow it, you pick the color and their people paint. If you are lucky enough to choose a unit before it has been fully refurbished, this is usually done at no charge, since they would be painting anyway. 

Assisted Living One Bedroom - Honor Hobbies

Whether they love to collect stamps, paint, play an instrument, or complete jigsaw puzzles, make room for their hobbies. Your loved one now has the time and freedom to indulge in their favorite pastimes. Set up a space within their apartment to enjoy their hobbies. Organize their supplies and dedicate enough room for them to work on their projects.

This small one-bedroom at Belmont Village in Westwood brings the resident's love for piano playing to the forefront. The family also has brought a comfortable sectional from home and added some live plants to bring a warm accent.

Independent Living Studio Apartment - Add Storage

OK, here's the truth - most senior living facilities in Los Angeles are woefully short on storage. There will be a couple of closets (hopefully), but a common complaint I hear is that there is not enough space for the loved one's "stuff."  Here's a completely candid shot of a storage built-in that functions as both a desk and cabinet unit.  It's fancy but similar types of storage cabinetry can be bought at Ikea, Living Spaces, and Wayfair. 

The choice of a bureau for clothes is important. Think about choosing a dresser that is the right height for their stature and capability.  Moving is a chance to toss clothing.  Work with your relative to cull their closets, throwing out or donating unused items or things needing repair.

Moving is stressful, and it rarely goes as planned. Your attitude will be reflected by your loved one, so so keep it positive. This is their home, and they get a say in how it should be organized and decorated. You want them to love it, and that might mean a compromise on your part.

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