Free Virtual Lectures For Caregivers - Navigating Dementia and Alzheimer's

Free Virtual Lectures For Caregivers - Navigating Dementia and Alzheimer's

Brain Health: 2022

An Owner's Guide To Successful Aging and Understanding Dementia Series

Join Assisted Living Locators and Dementia Care Education for our virtual educational series on dementia and Alzheimer's for family caregivers.  The lecture series is designed to translate the latest brain research and treatment into a cutting-edge series of lectures for the lay community, and healthcare professionals. This Spring, our series focuses on navigating the family dynamics underlying caring for someone with memory impairment.  We invite you to participate and to #SpreadTheWord.

Find out more about our upcoming lectures and sign-up by clicking on the links below.

The Family Road Map For Navigating Memory Loss

April 13th @ 9:00 AM PST

Join us as we provide a detailed roadmap for you to follow as you or a loved one faces the challenges of a dementia diagnosis. The lecture includes managing the physical, emotional, and financial costs of family caregiving as well as, the roadmap for when and where to find help as the disease progresses.

Living With Early-Stage Dementia

May 11th @ 9:00 AM PST

The onset of dementia generates a great deal of fear and concern for all those involved. There are fears and concerns for the individual who gradually realizes cognitive and other abilities are deteriorating. There are also fears and concerns for family and loved ones who are desperate to know more information about an early dementia diagnosis. Join us to find out more.

Navigating The Family Dynamics of Aging Loved Ones

June 8th @ 9:00 AM PST

Aging brings its challenges but one of the unspoken challenges is the ever-changing family dynamics that accompany growing older. Roles, responsibilities, and expectations can become difficult to manage for families through the aging continuum. Each family deals with issues differently. Learn about strategies that work and pitfalls to avoid as loved ones prepare for managing dementia, chronic conditions, long-term care, and end-of-life issues.

Assisted Living Locators Los Angeles owner Sarah Ordover is one of LA’s top senior living advisors. Certified in dementia care, Sarah is a trained aging specialist who holds an RCFE assisted living administrators license. Sarah thoughtfully guides families through the senior living decision-making process, helping them find the best solution for their loved ones. Call Sarah at 310-853-8282 for a consultation. Assisted Living Locators is free to clients. Read more about Alzheimer's, dementia and memory care by clicking here.