Requests for Caregiving Services Surging During COVID-19 Pandemic

Requests for Caregiving Services Surging During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) reports a surge of requests for caregiving services for children, elderly parents andailing spouses during the COVID-19 pandemic. As summer comes to a close, workplaces reopen and plans for schooling are made, it is essential that families find resources to take care of the more vulnerable, older population.

Assisted Living Locators is a no-cost senior living referral and placement service that is expert in helping families find appropriate care both in-home and in community based settings. Recognized as one of the top resources for caregivers in Los Angeles, the company specializes in helping families identify, evaluate and navigate the process of transitioning an older adult to an assisted living, board and care, or nursing facility and to finding the right in-home care solution.

“Figuring out how to best care for a loved one is tricky enough in the best of times,” says Sarah Ordover, owner of Assisted Living Locators Los Angeles. “During the COVID pandemic, there are many additional considerations and it is imperative that afamily find trust-worthy guidance to insure safe decision-making.”

The Los Angeles office is one of more than 140 locally owned Assisted Living Locators across the nation founded by a nurse in 2003. “Most people don’t know that companies like ours exist, that they don’t have to figure out this very complex area alone,” says Ordover. “The trick is to find a placement company that is honest and really knows what’s going on locally. There area number of national companies out there but they do not have the in-depth knowledge of what’s happening on the ground.”

“To safely reopen the country, healthy people need to go to work,” wrote Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. “We know that it will require scaling up testing and contact tracing. It’s also hard to get back to work when you’re responsible for children or older adults but have nowhere to turn for safe, affordable care.”

Assisted Living Locators Los Angeles owner Sarah Ordover is one of LA’s top senior living advisors. Certified in dementia care, Sarah is a trained aging specialist who holds an RCFE assisted living administrators license. Sarah thoughtfully guides families through the senior living decision-making process, helping them find the best solution for their loved ones. Call Sarah at 310-853-8282 for a consultation. Assisted Living Locators is free to clients.