Should You Move Your Parent To Assisted Living During COVID-19?

I received this letter last week from a client who had to move her dad to an Alzheimer's community in the midst of the COVID outbreak.

"Just want to let you know that since you dropped Sam off on Friday, the transition has gone off very smoothly. He tells us he’s very happy, the workers there very polite and helpful and the food is good! We’re surprised by his change in demeanor. He actually thanked me and apologized for giving me a hard time and we have visited him from the street while he’s on balcony twice and he has no agitation and has been having lengthy conversations with my son on all topics. We haven’t seen him like this in months! He says his room is nice and big and as an engineer he is watching the construction of a new building across the street which keeps him busy to see what mistakes they’re making. It’s just interesting to see how a change of atmosphere can change someone’s outlook and demeanor. Let’s hope this continues. But we are all thrilled. Thank you so much."
Sam was exhibiting many signs of early dementia and was deteriorating quickly from social isolation and lack of proper care. People with memory issues can improve when in an environment that meets them at the proper level. It starts with making the right choice in their living situation. Don't try to figure it out alone.