Compassionate & Candid Senior Care Advisors in Los Angeles

Since 2003, thousands of families have been helped by Assisted Living Locators, one of nation’s leading senior housing placement services. Founded in 2003 by RN Angela Olea in Phoenix, AZ, the company spans the country with over 150 locally owned offices. Assisted Living Locators offers clients the best of both worlds – the attention and commitment of a locally owned business backed by the expertise and stability of a national organization.

The Los Angeles office is operated by Sarah Ordover, owner of Assisted Living Locators Los Angeles. With an office in Beverly Hills, Sarah and her team service clients from Los Feliz to the Beach, including Century City, Westwood, Santa Monica, and everything in between. The office also represents clients looking for senior living south of Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley in neighborhoods such as Sherman Oaks, Encino, and Studio City.

Meet Sarah Ordover

Sarah is dementia care certified and a trained aging specialist who sits on the City of Los Angeles Task Force for Alzheimer's Los Angeles. She is one of the few placement professionals in Los Angeles to hold an RCFE Administrators license. With more than 30 years experience in the business world before changing careers, Sarah is a practical, calming presence to families, able to help them effectively think through their options and strategize about the best ways to move forward.

Sarah grew up in New York and Los Angeles with an entertainment-industry father. Helping her father through his last years, with all the attendant stress and confusion, gave her first-hand experience into the challenges facing families. Learning about Assisted Living Locators and how it eases families like hers through difficult times proved to be a "eureka" moment. Finally, vocation and avocation joined together for her in a way she can effectively help others.

Sarah is an avid tennis player, active member of Wilshire Blvd Temple, and proud mother of two terrific adult children.

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Finding Sarah Ordover was an incredible stroke of luck! We were looking for a place for mom and it's not an easy task - don't let anyone tell you it is. There are lots of places and lots of things to consider and so many questions to ask. We started out on our own and it was just a daunting experience. But when we discovered Sarah, everything fell into place.